AeroSIFT Limited offers a practical training course for engineers of all levels of experience on Fatigue (Durability) and Damage Tolerance Evaluation of Aircraft Primary Structures (#F&DT / #DaDT).

The training is prepared using regulations, advisory/guidance material from the regulatory bodies around the world (EASA, FAA etc) and offers a practical insight into the evaluation requirements (analysis and testing) for all levels of experienced engineers. The fundamentals of Fatigue and Fracture mechanics from open literature is what the course is built upon.

The Course is organised into 7 modules to be delivered over 35 hours.

  • Evolution of F&DT analysis requirements for Airframe
  • Fatigue
  • Crack Growth
  • Residual Strength
  • Fatigue Spectrum Development
  • Implementation of F&DT to Airframe Certification and Maintenance
  • In-service Issues of Airframe

Some of the important questions that will be answered in these modules are shown for an example of Lug below.

Each Topic is addressed at three levels

  1. Theory  (what are the physical phenomenon ?)
  2. Engineering Formulation (how do we empirically validate and mathematically formulate?)
  3. Practical Implementation (how do we implement in product life cycle and what are the issues associated with it)

There are more than 20 worked examples ,starting from derivation of S-N curve to performing an R-Curve calculation to derivation of inspection threshold/interval for few selected components of an assumed aircraft structure configuration.

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All the information such as Material Data, Fatigue spectra statistics are taken from information such as FAA Advisory Circulars/EASA Guidance Material/NTSB reports/AAIB reports/NASA technical reports/AGARD technical reports.